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NDIA is pleased to announce a partnership with Pacific Technology Cooperation Group (PTCG) to host the annual Cyber Forensics Five-0 Challenge.  The Challenge is an immersive experience catapulting high school students from Hawaii and across the Pacific into a simulated cybercrime scene. This distinguished event marks the culmination of a year-long journey involving dedicated studies, rigorous training, and competitive spirit. Participants are challenged with real-world scenarios meticulously designed to replicate intricate cyber investigations.

In this immersive journey, students navigate a complex maze of challenges, meticulously examining compromised data laden with hidden clues. Adopting the role of virtual forensic examiners, they sift through digital footprints left by malicious actors, piecing together the puzzle of a cyberattack. From unraveling encrypted messages to scrutinizing network logs, they race against the clock to pinpoint the source and fortify vulnerable systems.

Emphasizing collaboration, students form teams, pooling their expertise in cyber forensics, cryptography, and digital analysis. Their critical thinking and problem-solving skills are pushed to the limit as they strategize, analyze, and work together to outmaneuver simulated adversaries. The ultimate prize? The coveted title of the Hawaii top Cyber Forensic Five-O champion.

Beyond the competition, PTCG’s Cyber Forensic Five-O fosters a vibrant learning environment, nurturing the budding talent of young minds. It ignites a passion for cybersecurity careers, exposing students to the latest tools, techniques, and real-world challenges faced by digital defenders. Witnessing their skills flourish and confidence soar, the competition becomes a springboard for future endeavors in this ever-evolving field.

Confirmed Participating Schools: 

Aiea High School  |  President William McKinley High School  |  Leilehua High School  |  James Campbell High School  |  Punahou School  |  Mid-Pacific Institute  |  Hanalani Schools  |  Kalaheo High School


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The 2024 State of Hawaii Cyber Forensic 5-0 Challenge will be held during the NDIA POST Conference & Exhibition in Honolulu, HI on March 4 & 5. The event is separate from POST 2024 and is hosted exclusively by NDIA and PTCG. USINDOPACOM does not support or endorse the 2024 State of Hawaii Cyber Forensic 5-0 Challenge

Thank you to the Cyber Forensics Five-0 Challenge Sponsors!