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Submission Deadline:

Clearances must be submitted by Monday, February 5, 2024.

Important Reminders:

Please note: All POST 2024 clearances will be processed by Kratos Defense. 


The POST 2024 Closed Sessions are held at the SECRET REL FVEY level. When passing your clearance, please be sure to submit for this level to reduce the delay in your clearance being processed. Thank you!

For U.S. Attendees WITH access to DISS: 

Please have your Security Manager submit a Visit Access Request (VAR) via DISS. VAR information is as follows. 

**To receive a confirmation email, Sender must leave the following under Contact Notes in DISS: 

  -  Contact Name
  -  Contact Email
  -  Contact Phone Number

**If you don’t provide your contact email and phone number, we won’t be able to register you for the closed session in the event of a clearance issue.

DISS SMO Code: 7S5E2

  • Visit Name:  POST Conference 2024 
  • Dates:  March 4-7, 2024
  • Access Level:  SECRET REL FVEY
  • Reason: Symposium
  • SMO Code Security POC: Kristi Rehor at
  • POC: 540-644-2075

Any questions/concerns please email:

For U.S. Attendees WITHOUT access to DISS: 

For U.S. attendees who are unable to submit a VAR in DISS and who wish to attend the closed sessions, please utilize this secondary method:

On a Company Letterhead (Command Letter Head) must provide the following info:

  • Name of Individual (Last, first, middle)
  • Date of Attendance
  • SSN
  • Grade/Rank (Title)
  • Type of Clearance (i.e. SECRET)
  • Date of Clearance 
  • Date of Investigation
  • Date of Investigation Type
  • Clearance Granted By:
  • Name of SSO/Sec. Manager with POC  (must provide valid email and phone number).

**If any information is missing, the request will be denied. NOTE:  The Command/Company Letter head must be digitally signed with a DoD CAC card and submitted encrypted to email address:

If U.S. person does not have a DoD CAC card, please submit official letterhead through DoD Safe and send a separate email with the passphrase the originator created to allow the receiver to download the form or Fax to Kristi Rehor at 540-644-2061.

For International Attendees from Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand & Japan: 

International attendees of Closed Sessions will need to submit a Foreign Visit Request (FVR) for approval with the following information:

  • Visit Dates: March 4-7, 2024
  • Classification: Secret
  • Purpose of Visit: Attend the USINDOPACOM Pacific Operational Science & Technology (POST) 2024 Conference Closed Sessions at Marine Corps Base Hawaii.
  • Visiting Facility: Kaneohe Bay Base Theater on Marine Corps Base Hawaii at E St, Building 219, Marine Corps Base Hawaii, Hawaii 96734
  • Facility/Knowledgeable US POC: Elizabeth Lee,, 808-477-9167